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Precious Stones

Jewellery industry mostly use three metals, gold, silver and platinum. Unlike metals, range of gems stones is vast. Thousands of colours shades, shapes, sizes and other attributes make gemstones unique. In Hindu tradition major gem stones have been attributed to deities. Indian ephemeris, which is thousands of years old has attributed precious stone a deity. This ephemeris gives traverse of nine major planets. Vedic astrology has assumed that these nine planets affect human on earth and have assigned a gemstone to each planet. Incidentally these are major gemstones

Planet English Planet Indian Gemstone English Gemstone Indian
Sun Ravi Ruby Manik
Moon Chandra Pearl Moti
Mars Mangal Red Coral Povala
Mercury Budha Emerald Pachu
Jupiter Guru Yellow sapphire Pushkraj
Venus Shukra Diamond Hira
Saturn Shani Blue sapphire Neelam
Dragon Head Rahu Agate Gomed
Dragon Tail Ketu Cats eye Lasnya

Apart from above gemstones other gemstones include, colorful Sapphire, Tourmaline Topaz, quartz, citrine, aquamarine, agate, hematite, jade, garnet, and gold stone are among the semi-precious stones.