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Precious metals

Ornament are made from three precious metals and they are gold, platinum and Silver. Gold is used in large quantity in India for jewellery. There is no gold production in India and major producing countries are China, Australia, Russia, South Africa, USA, Canada, Indonesia and Previous soviet block. India imports more than 10000 tons of gold per year. Apart from jewellery gold is used in coins as Federal Reserve, electronics and other industrial use.
In India mythology, gold has been delivered to earth by golden egg of the Sun. This metaphor is validated today by theory that, gold was delivered to earth by Meteorite. Gold is age old material like for its luster and non-tarnishing properties.

Second precious material known since long is silver. Silver alloy is well with the gold and use extensively to reduce gold purity. Indian Tradition believes that silver has purifying influences for food and water and has been used extensively in utensils and cutlery. Indian Mythology considers river Ganga as sacred and believes that it water contents silver. Silver producing countries are Mexico, Peru, China, Russia, Poland, Chile, Bolivia and Australia.

Platinum is used extensively in Jewellery since 19th century and is latest addition. Platinum has industrial uses like catalytic converters, high temperature crucibles. Measuring instruments and in armaments. Major producing counties are South Africa, Russia, Zimbabwe, Canada, United State, hina and Japan etc.

Above metals used in jewellery are precious and costly but they are not most precious and costly. On price scale many naturally occurring metals supersede above three.

Rhodium. $651,000 per kg.
Iridium. $196,000 per kg.
Palladium. $60,000 per kg.
Gold. $54,000 per kg.
Platinum. $27,000 per kg.
Ruthenium. $24,000 per kg.
Silver. $590 per kg.

If you consider these are pricey, you will find price of manmade elements mindboggling.

Polonium- $49,200,000,000,000 per Kg
Actinium- $29,000,000,000,000 per Kg
Technetium- $1,900,000,000,000 per Kg
Berkelium- $185,000,000,000 per Kg
Californium- $185,000,000,000 per Kg
Curium- $160,000,000,000 per Kg